Gary Dorsey

Hey guys it’s been awhile I wanted to drop this as I am not sure the state of Gary Dorsey at this time but it is looking grim. Gary jumped on the Lubbock comedy scene back in the mid 2010s and came with a very unique approach to comedy. Whether he was talking to imaginary friend “Mr Skip” or channeling the foul mouthed “Dirty Gary” you never knew what you were going to get. He always wanted to put on a big show whether is 4-walling a box theater in Fort Worth or recording his own album after-hours at the Holly Hop ice cream shop earlier this year. That being said get out there and buy Gary’s album so he can live on though the jokes he told from bar to bar and theater to ice cream shop. There is a good chance you hear me having the giggles background as men of 40 should not be eating ice cream cones while wearing a fedora.

Productivity Virus

Hello everyone,

It has been a crazy two months! Everyone has been quarantined and no one is preforming across the country. Since I can’t do standup in the world, I have been trying to keep busy learning new things. When this started, I purchased a midi controller and it has been fun learning music production. When the world was functional, I would meet up with some friends on Thursdays and play a low stakes game of card game Phase 10. One of the players would complain about being skipped an unfair amount of times so I cut a track about it.

Stay safe, don’t die, and learn new things during this shut down.