Friday Night I won the Lubbock Laugh Off!  I didn’t think it would mean much to win as it was my 3rd attempt at our current location World of Beer.  The show has a fun format Round 1:  3 min of Standup. 5 Rounds of Improv Questions followed by a roast.  The winner of the previous month gets a 10min headlining set at the half way point of the competition.  In past competitions, I would usually have a weak round at one point causing the ultimate fail of the competition.  Friday things seemed to work out in my favor.  Felt I had a strong 3min set which can be really difficult when you are accustomed to longer sets.  As a small but untied comedy community, it was our goal to keep the scene open and encourage new people to try out the mics.  3 minutes is standard for open mics across the country. We give 5 minutes at most of our mics.

It is always my goal to move towards what’s uncomfortable.  The only thing better than a good joke is a new good joke.  Competition is good for the soul and deep down the hardest fight is always with one’s self.  I will always be my harshest critic but every so often it’s nice to let the peanut gallery show you some accolades.  So at least for a day or two Hail to the King Baby!

DHj4tNzUIAAT7Dr.jpg large

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