Hello people, I know I’m really prolific at dropping content on this page but I figure people miss my angelic voice.  Over the past few months I jumped on a few podcasts for the purpose of comedy and love of my own voice.  I believe both of these are explicit content so I would play them in the office.

Comedy Update:

Tuesday’s 9pm Host of the Live at the Reco Room Open Mic

Wednesday’s 10pm split host with Caleb Davis at the Lights Out at the Lantern Open Mic

Thursday- Happy Thanks Giving!  There is an All Laughs Matter Show at the Depot District Oyster Bar at 10pm if you are tired of your family.  I’m not on this one but the line looks fun.

Friday –  Olivia Grace from Comedy Central’s Roast Battle will be at Backstage at 8:30pm I will most likely be at this show enjoying at night off. Thanks for the Clap!

Saturday –  I’m back at the Lubbock Laugh Off Competing for your laughs with some great improv  at World of Beer at 9pm!


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