International Comic


As my country becomes more and more hostile to the outside world I seek refuge in other countries.  Two weeks ago, I went with a group of friends to Iceland. So why Iceland?   Why not?  I ended up getting a cheap round trip from DFW to KEF through American Airlines.  American Airlines did the most AA thing and canceled my first flight so 18 hours later I was finally in Reykjavik.

We rocked the Golden Circle and then Blue Lagoon as these are the things you do in Iceland when you only have a couple of days.  All this time I am communicating back and forth with Golden Gang aka the Icelandic Comedy group.

“Can you send us a tape?” Aw yes, the tape my arch nemesis!  Getting a good tape where the video and audio is solid can be a real struggle.  Not to mention that you have to be on fire with your jokes which the awareness of the taping usually makes that part pure death.  “I have plenty of audio sets can I send you one from Wednesday?”  “Sure.”  After the constant back and forth I got on the showcase with the strength of my audio set.

The Scene

The Icelandic comedy scene is a small group of locals, ex-pats, and travelers that remind me of the scene in Lubbock minus the ex-pats and travelers of course.  I asked them how the shows in Icelandic did and they said they had cancelled most of them as the shows in English were more popular.  I watched the first block of comics go up with two ex-pats and two locals who were all on fire.  I was in the 2nd block with my very American Cultural references that for the most part landed.  Then I got dark and that’s when stuff usually goes off the rails.  But all in all, a great show and a great scene with a group of people who appreciate stand up.  Big thanks to the following:

Secret Cellar


Golden Gang

arnór daði gunnarsson

gisli johann



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