Laugh History Month

In honor of Black History Month here is your homework to educate yourself on some of the best Black Comedians of our time. This month watch:

Eddie Murphy – “Raw”  (I am one of the few people who prefers “Raw” over “Delirious”)

Richard Pryor – “Live at the Sunset Strip” (The famous special after the freebase incident)

Chris Rock – “Bigger & Blacker” (The 5k Bullet joke is one of my faves)

Dave Chappelle – “Age of Spin”  (The 4 times he met Mr. Juice!)

There are many more great black comedians like Patrice O’Neal, Bernie Mac, and Tiffany Haddish to check out.  These just some of my favorite specials.  I feel stand up comedy is one of the more diverse groups out there.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, just be funny.  Our differences are what makes us great!

Nothing Funny About Death

I lost my father on Friday and I wanted to post something I wrote while he was in the hospital to not internalize everything.  Nothing funny in this post but I felt the need to post it.  Laughs shall return in February.

Unfortunate Patterns

Put on jacket, leave work, park on level 2 as there is usually an open spot, walk up the stairs one flight, then it’s a series of turns and hallways and all doing the best to avoid eye contact as smiles are at a premium and you haven’t given a sincere one in months.  Keep your head down decide to take the first new only opened elevator, the first elevator, or the newly discovered stairs.  Stairs take the stairs because you are able and go down to ground level.  Walk passed the new discovered chick-fil-a as these doors that have never been opened are finally opened with a food court that show the permanence of frequent visitors who might be long time residents.  Keep walking, walk past the front desk and look at South Tower.  You remember South Tower.  South Tower was just going to be a few days it was just going to be a week and then things would get back to normal. Keep walking.  Look over at a dark waiting area it’s always dark and yet there always people sitting in the chairs.  Not sure if they are waiting for the 30 seconds when this model of inefficiency is open or just wanted a place where they can sit and forget.  Keep Walking.  Stroll past the chapel.  There is a time for mass stated on the plaque and right below it a sign that says “No Mass Today” usually a person is there just hoping to catch the padre for a quick word.  Keep walking.  Look up to see East Tower.  Remember the first time you were here.  Remember that is was only going to be a few days, maybe a week then things get back to normal.  Look at the floor buttons get ready to press 7 wait 7 was two weeks ago now we are on 5.  Press 5.  Be happy that no one is on the elevator with you enjoy the 45 seconds before the door opens.  Arrive on floor five look at the waiting room it’s riddled with Mennonite children.  Argue with yourself with the validity of why these children are here or even exist.  Look at the doors notice the time.  It’s 5:30pm.  Feel some reassurance knowing that you will be kicked out at 6pm because there is never a good time to leave.  Walk the halls and look at pods filled with families in masks huddled around a bed you know if the clean room door is closed that is not a good sign.  Reach nurse station 1. Immediately judge the attractiveness of all the female nurses then wonder if they were taught by dad.  Keep walking ever slowly counting down the numbers. Reach 513.  Wait to hear if there is conversation.  Wait, turn the corner.  Exchange pleasantries with whoever is there but the real reason I am there is to answer the question.  “Better or worse”. Notice the machines.  Is there a new machine?  New machines are my nemesis.  This is not science fiction new machines are not in the right direction.  Talk until I am kicked out.  Turn corner and hope for one less machine the next day.


Hello people, I know I’m really prolific at dropping content on this page but I figure people miss my angelic voice.  Over the past few months I jumped on a few podcasts for the purpose of comedy and love of my own voice.  I believe both of these are explicit content so I would play them in the office.

Comedy Update:

Tuesday’s 9pm Host of the Live at the Reco Room Open Mic

Wednesday’s 10pm split host with Caleb Davis at the Lights Out at the Lantern Open Mic

Thursday- Happy Thanks Giving!  There is an All Laughs Matter Show at the Depot District Oyster Bar at 10pm if you are tired of your family.  I’m not on this one but the line looks fun.

Friday –  Olivia Grace from Comedy Central’s Roast Battle will be at Backstage at 8:30pm I will most likely be at this show enjoying at night off. Thanks for the Clap!

Saturday –  I’m back at the Lubbock Laugh Off Competing for your laughs with some great improv  at World of Beer at 9pm!


Friday Night I won the Lubbock Laugh Off!  I didn’t think it would mean much to win as it was my 3rd attempt at our current location World of Beer.  The show has a fun format Round 1:  3 min of Standup. 5 Rounds of Improv Questions followed by a roast.  The winner of the previous month gets a 10min headlining set at the half way point of the competition.  In past competitions, I would usually have a weak round at one point causing the ultimate fail of the competition.  Friday things seemed to work out in my favor.  Felt I had a strong 3min set which can be really difficult when you are accustomed to longer sets.  As a small but untied comedy community, it was our goal to keep the scene open and encourage new people to try out the mics.  3 minutes is standard for open mics across the country. We give 5 minutes at most of our mics.

It is always my goal to move towards what’s uncomfortable.  The only thing better than a good joke is a new good joke.  Competition is good for the soul and deep down the hardest fight is always with one’s self.  I will always be my harshest critic but every so often it’s nice to let the peanut gallery show you some accolades.  So at least for a day or two Hail to the King Baby!

DHj4tNzUIAAT7Dr.jpg large


Sorry I have yet to post any thing for the new year but I am working on some fun new stuff that should be up soon enough.  I blame the current administration.

I am hosting the open mic at the Recovery Room on Tuesday nights and although this yelp page says it’s closed it’s not but the last review pretty much sums up the place.

Recovery Room

More content to come in April!

Happy Holidays!

2016 has mostly been a bust so I am happy that it’s about to be over but we must take the bad and turn it in to something good.  This is why I love comedy you take tragedy and make something positive. 2017 is looking bright as I kick off the year with a showcase January 7th!

Laugh After Dark


Breaking a City

I wrote this a year ago about the state of comedy in my city.  Things have changed but I figure this is a good place to look back at where I was at that point in time.

It’s March 2013 I’m staring dead-eyed at my computer screen and I notice a Facebook posting from my friend about an open mic at Jake’s Backroom.  My name is Aaron Durbin and I live in Lubbock, Texas.  Lubbock, Texas is a town of 250 thousand people.  We have a major university, we have Buddy Holly, and large drinking scene.  What we don’t have is a comedy club.  Where towns half our size have very successful comedy clubs the last comedy club in Lubbock Froggy Bottoms closed in the mid-90s.  Lubbock has become comedy dessert.

Back to me.  Around the time Froggy Bottoms closed its doors I was a young high school student just becoming a fan of standup comedy.  I remember sneaking in the living room and turning on HBO to see Eddie Murphy Raw for the first time.  Lubbock would occasionally get theater touring acts and every chance I could go I would.  Vince Vaugh’s Wild West Comedy tour stopped here and I was there.  But, there was no local scene.  People would start a few open mics it would die and people would move to Austin.  A scene could never sustain itself and people never blinked an eye.   This is the same city that when a new restaurant of any kind opens the lines flow in to the streets for months until the next one opens.

Last year, after seeing my friend Adam’s posting about the open mic I was interested.  Adam was one of the people trying to create a scene a few years back with his Chuckleheads shows but at the time I was still a fan.  I told no one went up did 10 minutes walked off stage and knew I would be back next week.  I met Joe Gardener who was a graduate student at Texas Tech and asked the bar if he could start an open mic.  This was the beginning and all troubles of the previous mics started to happen.  The crowds diminished at Jake’s be the comics continued.  We found an Owner of a bar that felt that Lubbock needed a scene and we started at show at Backstage Lubbock.  It was difficult at first with low turnout and fighting drunks for the right to be listened to.  The students left for summer and the few us left kept the scene alive.  This is Lubbock this where the Interstate ends.  A city once ranked the prudest city in America.  “There’s nothing to do in Lubbock” was uttered ad nauseam but we kept going.  The owner of Backstage gave us a night at a hotel bar which became the comic’s clubhouse.  We now had three shows a week.  We had to keep going to change this the culture of this city.  Doug Stanhope stopped at Backstage sold out and killed.  We paired up with LMAO comedy and now have a touring comic do a show once a month and we provide the MC and guest comic.

February 12th 2014.  We just finished our second straight week of having all the covers filled with people at the Backstage Show.  We have a show on Tuesday at Ravi’s Hookah Lounge, a show at the Recovery Room on Wednesday, and our main show at Backstage on Thursday.  Jason Russell through LAMO Comedy with be preforming at Backstage Valentine’s Day.  We are doing our first showcase next week at Gatsby’s coffee house Friday February 20th where I will be preforming a 15min set of my killer bits from over 50 open mics.  Lubbock is changing and we are breaking the city.


Aaron Durbin